Filey Folk Festival 2019

Friday 3rd to Monday 6th May

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Royal Crescent Court, Filey, YO14 9JH

Venue Organisers

James Millar 07476 718123

Adam Davison 07926 920988

Friday 4th May

Ramble Gamble (10.30pm)

7.30pm Phil Stocks
8.10pm Lewis Marrow
8.50pm Joe Simpson
9.30pm Capture The Flag
10.30pm Ramble Gamble

Saturday 5th May

One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer (9.30pm)

1.30pm Samuel Simmons
2.10pm Emily River Thomson
2.50pm Daniel Warrener
3.30pm Sean Blakey
4.10pm Rob Bywater
4.50pm Scott Ekert
5.30pm Sam Bishop
6.10pm Katrina Rea
6.50pm George Suddaby
7.30pm Elizabeth Pickering
8.10pm Tom Van Wren
8.50pm Tamar
9.30pm One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer
10.30pm Farewell Fairground

Sunday 6th May

Morning Bride (8.20pm)

12.30pm - 2.45pm  FESTIVE OPEN MIC
3pm Chris Scarlett
3.40pm Fountainhead
4.20pm James Millar
5pm Tom Gorringe
5.40pm Colin Metcalfe
6.20pm Bravely Default
7pm Rowland
7.40pm Angel Armstrong
8.20pm Morning Bride
9pm Maple North
9.40pm James Wood
10.30pm The Crash Blossoms