Filey Folk Festival 2017

Friday 28th April, Saturday 29th April, Sunday 30th April & Monday 1st May 2017

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Venue 6 - Bronte Vinery Café & Charlottes Restaurant

Bronte Vinery Café & Charlottes: 40, Belle Vue Street, Filey, YO14 9HY. 

Friday 28th April

Special Guest Opening Show at Charlottes Restaurant
The Wonderful CARRIE MARTIN @ 8.30pm


Saturday 29th April

Charlottes Restaurant day session hosted by
Richard Silvester email

Urban Rain (4.50pm)

10.50am Richard Silvester
11.30am Fountainhead
12.10pm Joe Quillin
12.50pm Four Quarters
1.30pm Keith Newby
2.10pm Bric-a-Brac
2.50pm Pawned Hearts
3.30pm David Swann
4.10pm Wolf Housman
4.50pm Urban Rain
5.30pm Farewell Fairground


Saturday 29th April


The Folk Hour Presents
(5pm - 8.30pm)

Martin Peirson

The Quicksilver Kings
Carrie Martin
Martin Peirson
Ryan Mosleh


Saturday 29th April

BRONTES GARAGE - covered/outside stage - 10.30am till 5pm

Emily Thomson (1.20pm)

 10.30am Julian Priestley
11.10am Dennis Caruana
11.50am Ramshackle Shantymen
12.40pm Brian Williams
1.20pm Emily Thomson

 2pm Tim Moon
3pm Suzy Bradley
4pm We Are The Giant


Saturday 29th April

Charlottes Restaurant evening session 'The Pickled Mash Up presents'
hosted by The Gherkins) email

7.30pm The Gherkins Intro
8.10pm Ramshackle Shantymen

8.50pm The Choir Of Loretta
9.30pm Mr Sneaks
10.10pm Summer Brew
10.50pm The Gherkins Outro



Sunday 30th April

Charlottes Restaurant day session hosted by Stewart Mackarel (poet)

Mila Lee (12.40pm)

10am Dennis Caruana
10.40am Fiona Lee
11.20am Pete McLeod
12pm Rum Doodle
12.40pm Mila Lee
1.20pm Mal Fry
2pm Paul Bryce
2.40pm Lexi Broad
3.20pm Amber Warren
4pm Frank Johnson
4.40pm Cod End (Jim Gray)
5.20pm Edwina Hayes
Poem by Stewart Mackarel to close.

Edwina Hayes (5.20pm)


Sunday 30th April

BRONTES GARAGE - covered/outside stage - 11am till 5pm

Hase Waits (12.40pm)

10.30am 2 Right Un's
11.50am Half Deaf Clatch
12.40pm Hase Waits
1.30pm Johnny Campbell
2.20pm The Dyr Sister
3.10pm Bric-a-Brac
4pm Horse Guards Parade (acoustic set)


Sunday 30th April

Charlottes Restaurant evening session hosted by Nick & Helen Stubbs

Morning Bride 8.40pm

6pm Pete Stokes
6.40pm Dogfinger
7.20pm Jim Danby
8pm Blue Fingers
8.40pm Morning Bride
9.20pm Rob Nicklas
9.50pm Derek Waudby
10.20pm Ray Hawker
10.50pm Stubbsie

During the weekend, there will be occasional poetry between acts
by the sensational Richard Harries !