Filey Folk Festival 2019

Friday 3rd to Monday 6th May

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The Imperial Music Bar,  Hope Street, Filey, YO14 9DL

Venue Organiser Dave Elf  email

Friday 4th May

The Sloan Brothers (11pm)

7pm Henry Parker
7.30pm Sarah Dean
8pm Ramble Gamble
9pm David Elf
10pm James Wood
11pm The Sloan Brothers

Saturday 5th May

Steamtown (4pm)

1pm Dale Cavany
1.30pm Terri Igoe
2pm Pete McLeod
3pm Sam Bishop
4pm Steamtown
5pm Jackson D
6pm Rivers Johansson
7pm Sam Arkut
8pm Fountainhead
9pm Chris Key
10pm The List
11pm Finest Hour

Sunday 6th May

Fiona Lee (7pm)

1pm Maddy Tweedale
1.30pm Scott Ekert
2pm Red Sky
2.30pm Joe Bayliss
3pm James Millar
3.30pm Rowland
4.15pm Elizabeth Pickering
5pm Pete Clarkson
6pm Urban Rain
7pm Fiona Lee
8pm Dogfinger
9pm Rob Bywater
10pm Tom Gorringe
11pm Farewell Fairground