Filey Folk Festival 2022

Friday 29th April to Monday 2nd May (Bank Holiday Weekend)

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Confirmed / Contributing Acts 2022
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Kobe Allenby
Dave Allison
American Daughters
Graham Graham Beck
Sean Blakey
Blue Kites
The Boatless Maniacs
Lynette Boothe-Malone
The Boothtown Rats
Sarah-Louise Boyle
Suzy Bradley
Crispian Brigham
David Broad
Andy Buckton
Rob Bywater
Tim Carrette
Dennis Caruana
Ched's Bare Bones
Chicago Bound
The Choir Of Loretta
Pete Clarkson
Marc Clough
Jon Cocker
Sam Connolly

Copper Viper
Counterfeit Celts
Phil Cox
The Cox Brothers
Crazy Man Michael
Stan Cubbison
Molly Curtis
Jim Danby
Adam Davison
Diddie Hair
The Dirty Buskers
The Dyr Sister
Fiddlers Elbow
Nicole Fewster
Jay Fraser (TASMANIA)
Mal Fry
Tom Gorringe
Richard Grainger
Dennis Hall
David Irwin Hamilton
Johnny Hamilton
Jaz Hancox
The Happy Endings
Imogen Hart
Hase Waits
Martin Heaton
Susan Herndon (USA)
Steve & Mary-Anne Hindley
Wolf Housman
Alan Howard
Pete Howe
Beth Hubbard
Isaac Hunter's Leconfield Lapsteel Dancers
Pat Hyatt
Terry Igo & the Mrs
Simon Jackson
Tom James
Frank Johnson
Justin Jones
Brigid Kaelin & Steve Cooley (USA)
Steph Kirke
Roy Lion
The List
Malcolm MacWatt (SCOTLAND)
Paul Magson
Lewis Marrow
Carrie Martin
Mark Martindale
Ian Mather
Jody McKenna
Merry Hell
James Millar
Den Miller
Dave Mitchell
Daniel Moody
Tim Moon
The Mount Pleasant Experience
Mr Sneaks
Caleb Murray
Keith Newby
Rob Nicklas
The Nocturnal Flowers
Margaret O'Hara
Oka Vanga
Rob Pagett
Jamie Paul
Pavey Ark
Martin Peirson
Connor Penson
Eliza Perks
Beth Pilling
Dave Pinder-Gibb
The Pleasant Pluckers
The Quicksilver Kings
Katrina Rae
The Ragpickers
Ramble Gamble
Ramshackle Shantymen
The Random Hat Gang
The Remedy Club
Harrison Rimmer
Rum Doodle
Paula Ryan
Adie Sanders
Richard Silvester
Deb Simpson
Lindsey Simpson
Slim Tubby
Simon Snaize
Sound Of The Sirens
Laura Da Sousa
The Stolen Bows

Storm Chorus
The Storm Trees
Strangely Familiar
Tom Stratton & Tim Share
Strawberry Moon
George Suddaby
Taz & Jonny
Karen & Colin Thompson
Emily River Thomson
The Trappist Monks
Treading Softly
Lotte Van Der Sluis
The Wandering Man
Derek Waudby
James Waudby
Jean Weatherill
Ade Webb
Martin Wharton
James Wood
Heather Woodhead